Do you guys mind if I vent to you real quick?! Okay. So I kind of have this boyfriend. He’s so sweet an cute and he has also made mistakes. But everyone does. He cheated on me once. And he proved he changed and that he could stay faithful so I took him back. We’re dating now, but only two of my friends know. And they’re not close friends. But if I tell my close friends they’ll leave me. They think I’ll get hurt again. What should I do?
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Everyone go follow my personal. I’m following back.!

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Anonymous: It's my birthday but I want to give u a little virtual goodie bag and a cookie 🎁🍪

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU AMAZING PIECE OF HUMAN.!! I hope it’s a good one.! (: keep living.!!

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Anonymous: Your amazing I think ur the reason why I'm living


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Anonymous: Grow the fuck up

Don’t use language please, but what did I do?

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Whoever sent in the anon message telling me to kill myself. I would like you to take a moment to think. What would happen if I did? What would happen to me, my family, my friend, and what would happen to YOU? Could you live with that? Could you take living in jail, plus having to pay a fine? I hope you will learn in time that some people take those things to heart. So please, think about your words before you spit them out.
-Audra Lynn (:

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