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Anonymous: You're my favorite person. 🐋 # big spoon.

I big spooooon!

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Anonymous: There's this guy at my school I have a crush on and we never really talk but I want to give him my number. My plan was to write it down on a piece of paper and stick it under his windshield wiper and wait to see if he texts back. Is this a good plan?

Excellent plan! (:

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Anonymous: I really likethis guy but he has a girlfriend. I see him everyday and it kills me that I can'tbe with him in a boyfriend girlfriend way. Every time I try to tell him I have like a panic attack and say something else. What do you think I should do?

He has a girlfriend, so don’t interfere. There could be trouble, wait until the end

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Anonymous: Are long distance relationships worth it?

If you really feel like you’re going to make it forever. And see each other some day. Because if it’s just a short relationship I say no

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Anonymous: I like this boy and we are sort of friends, right now I'm not sure who he likes (not me of course) but the thing is that one of my best friends has a boyfriend who is moving out of town next year (school year) so he told my best friend that they are so similar he knew they would be in a relationship some day (the boy I like and my best friend) and she vent with me about it, it made me feel awkward and a little bit sad because they really have fun together what if her bf's predictions come true?

Then there’s nothing you can do but be happy. If your best friend is really a friend, she won’t do that to you. (:

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Anonymous: Advice?- I was with this guy for quite a while and I really fell for him. He's absolute perfection. We were so happy until he just stopped talking to me. He ended up back with his ex. We started speaking again recently and he asks to see me but I always refuse because I know it'll tear me apart to see him and know my name is no longer the one that stains his lips. He's got a reputation with cheating and he flirts with me still even though hes with his ex now. I kinda love this boy and Im so lost

I was with a cheater. Looking back I wish I never took him back. He cheated twice. And watching all this relationships now, I’ve seen that he does it with every girl. Start talking to other guys, that’s how I moved on(:

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Advice time! If you send it in off anon then I’ll reply privately unless you say otherwise!
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